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We are Oriplex.
We build beautiful
& practical websites.

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Who we are

Oriplex is a web development company based out of Toronto doing what we love. Do you need a site, or are you unhappy with your current one? Let Oriplex take away the hassle of setting up a website. We will design, create and set up a site for you, with optional regular content updates + hosting assistance.

We approach web development with our clients through a unique perspective. Our sites are designed with your business' industry in mind, to compete with and outshine competitor's sites, and to create a product that fulfills all the marketing and beauty requirements a website should have, but also presents important information in a practical, clear way. We always take extra care to ensure our sites are accessible and easy on the eyes.

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Explore Our Concepts

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Clients Say

  • It was a distinct pleasure to work with Oriplex while they were giving my site a much needed facelift. Professional, competent and comprehensive staff made my life so much easier. Our site's engagement was also improved and now much more easily interpreted thanks to Oriplex.

    P. Sliwinski
    Advanced Spray
  • Since Oriplex built our site, simply referring prospective clients to it has become regular for me. I put great emphasis on having concise information placed on one page and an adequate contact form with contact information so anyone can get in touch with me, and they delivered. I look forward to working with Oriplex for future projects.

    J. Stone
    From Waterloo, ON
  • It was a change of pace working with Oriplex, easy discussion and professional service with great results. Thank you for my new site.

    From Toronto, ON
  • I didn't have a website initially, but after Oriplex approached me, they didn't hassle me, they made a serious case for having a website in my field. 2+ months after it's launch I've seen a lot more people inquiring for questions and appointments. It's clear to me now that in the digital times we live in a website will help a small business owner like me.

    V. Jelon
    Watch & Clock Repair

Our Care Packages

Besides crafting a site for you, we also offer to maintain and regularly update it via a monthly subscription. We offer packages that include initial site hosting setup, content updates, search engine optimization, security overviews and more. Let us keep your site at the cutting edge of internet style and utility.

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Per month
  • Site Upload & Hosting
  • Limited Content Changes
  • Advanced SEO
  • Monthly Security Overview
  • + More


Per month
  • Site Upload & Hosting
  • Unlimited Content Changes
  • Advanced SEO w/ Monthly Review
  • Monthly Security Review
  • Custom HTML Modifications
  • Comprehensive Site Maintanence
  • + More